Saturday, December 17, 2011

Overheard at the bagel cart

Ordering breakfast at the bagel cart on my corner this morning were three young, female students from the university dorm down the street.

Let's say they looked like this:

Just your normal, every day university students.

After ordering their various bagels and egg sandwiches, their conversation went like this:

GIRL 1: Oh my god this cart is so great.

GIRL 2: I LOVE this cart.

GIRL 3: Me too.

CART GUY: You want hot sauce?

GIRL 1: Yeah, hot sauce is great.

GIRL 2: I LOVE hot sauce.

GIRL 3: Me too.

CART GUY: You want mayo?

GIRL 1: Yeah, I like mayo.

GIRL 2: Oh my god I LOVE mayo.

GIRL 3: Oh my god me too!

Then they took their breakfast and walked back to their dorm, probably to read more Foucault and Derrida and chat about other condiments they like.


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