Saturday, January 14, 2012

Australians: We're all rugged and shit

Meet "Craig N", reviewer. He tried a meat pie at an Australian-run pie shop in New York's East Village, and didn't like it much. AUSTRALIA, THIS IS YOUR FAULT.

I really don't understand nyc's fascination with things Australian.

Yes, they have an accent. Yes, they seem all rugged and shit. Yes, they surf. Yes, they were a penal colony. That isn't actually relevant but I just like saying penal. But quite honestly, I find nothing that outstanding about their food, politics (do they have any?), or atmosphere.

What I would like to see more from Australia is more platypus and less blondes.

This sentient review has inspired me to make the below range of new tourism advertisements, which I will suggest Tourism Australia start running on American billboards as soon as possible. Let's be honest, they can't be worse than Lara Bingle's effort.

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  1. The ladies of cell block H would love a few tourists to torture.