Thursday, February 02, 2012

Ben Flajnik sings about his dick, viewers gag

Just when you thought The Bachelor's Ben Flajnik coudn't get any more repellant, up he pops on YouTube singing about his dick.

Not content with flashing his Little Ben all over national TV in Monday night's skinny dipping incident, this season's Bachelor has now surfaced in a Lonely Island-esque spoof music video called "Cream Dreams", in which he calls himself "The Storm Horse" and raps about how his "dick can fulfill your bedtime fantasies" with its "white pee".

Weirdly, this wig is better than his actual hair.

"If you'd just let me f*** you right I could be your cream dream every night," he sings, which I think is the same line he used on Courtney in Monday's episode.

Note to Ben: You are not Andy Samberg.

Meanwhile - WHY IS THIS GUY STILL SINGLE? A mystery for sure.

Enjoy the 3.45 of pain below. Hey, at least it's not 1.5 hours of pain like every episode of The Bachelor.

(And if you haven't read my Bachelor episode recaps yet, DO IT!)

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