Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Hey Drag Hags, my recap of RuPaul's Drag Race episode 3 is on its way! I promise! It's just been a bit... delayed.

The long story is that I spontaneously decided to do some kitchen renovations the other day, which have now taken over my life.

The short story is I am covered in paint and the entire contents of my kitchen is on the floor of my living room and my arm muscles hurt so much and I don't think I can go on...

Actually, that was kind of the long version.

Anyway here, have an Alaska.

BRB with the recap!


  1. I have been refreshing like mad! Since discovering you last week I've been very impatiently waiting, but I forgive you. At least I have TLo.

    1. Ooooh girl! I am covered in paint and my house smells like fumes but I am getting to the recap right now! Should be more psychedelic than usual... check back in a few hours, I'll try not to take too long.


  2. We are just getting that Aussie television show called Sea Patrol in The Canadas. Those colourful antics of Charge, 2Dads, Buffer, Nav and XO are very entertaining. What's your take?

    If you are wondering why I have a Google, Content Warning Page, I really don't know. I break none of the rules - save by penchant for hyperbolic profanity