Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The episode 11 RuCap is coming...!

Apologies, drag hags. Real life and writing that pays the bills has once again gotten in the way of my recapping and so episode 11 shall be a tad late this week...

I know you're all more tired of my excuses than Jinkx is of... whatever she's doing in this GIF.
Sorry bout it.

But I think I speak for everyone when I say my three word summary of the episode is: WHAT. THE. EVER LOVING HELL? (OK that's five words, what am I, a mathematician?)

RuPaul better have some sort of crippling drug habit to explain his elimination choice this time around, that's all I'm saying.

Anyway, come back soon...



  1. shaking my head like vivacious. i like de la just as much but darienne was really feeling the song and i thought she owned the stage during that lip sync.

  2. I feel like Dela was fighting for it during the lip sync, and Darienne had given up. She's just a really good lip sync-er and performed well but her face said "I'm done." Anyway, looking forward to your take on it!

  3. Get it girl! We all need to start bitching about Darienne!!

  4. please, please, please hurry up and re-cap #11!! This waiting is worse than standing outside the bathroom door at a nightclub knowing there are 20 gals in front of me, really not wanting to know what's going on in there but on the verge of just bursting through the line before bursting elsewhere.... I know, I know, slightly melodramatic but I love your blog and just busting to go.... I mean busting to read... where am I? oh damn, not a nightclub!!

    1. IT'S HERE!