Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Bachelor Australia recaps - THEY'RE COMING!

Hey y'all, just a friendly note to say THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE - I've been getting so many hits for my Bachelor Australia episode recaps! You like me, you really like me etc. etc.

I'd like to promise that this week's episodes will be up by Friday afternoon, but they won't be. So I'm going to say they'll be uploaded by Sunday, ready for you to read secretly on Monday at work when you're pretending to do important stuff. Hope that works for you.

On another note: if anyone at Channel 10 is reading this, it'd be grand to get advance copies of the show! Just sayin'... Help a sister out!

Please to enjoy this classic GIF from episode one while you wait.

Alternatively, you can fill in time reliving The Bachelor America season 16 through these episode recaps. They're funny, I promise.


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